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By Claire Robertson, Oct 23 2014 09:30AM

Massive thank you to Sue for sending me these links, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Yoga Pets


Happy Easton!!


By Claire Robertson, May 1 2014 09:50AM

Come and join me at Yogasara studio for a day/two of body work. Both sessions will allow you the opportunity to connect deeply into your body and enjoy the feeling of being alive.

11th May 10am - 5pm Yogasara Studio, Picton St, Bristol.

22nd June 10am - 5pm Yogasara Studio, Picton St, Bristol.

It would be lovely to see you there!

22nd June - The movement/breath connection

The day will comprise of:

Flowing movement to warm

Deep breath awareness work

Breath wisdom in movement

Deep, restorative stretch and relaxation

This workshop will provide a supportive space for you to connect with how you breathe in motion. It will give you breath awareness skills to enhance an optimum connection with your body and has been designed to leave you with a feeling of glowing health and a warm feeling of internal support.

£40 per a day or £65 for two

11th May - Internal Beauty Workshop Part 1

The day will comprise of:

Gentle and flowing contemprary dance to warm

Deep core awareness work

Core wisdom in dance movement

Deep stretch and relaxation

With a stunning space and expert instruction provided, you can deepen your relationship with your inner core and allow your body and heart to glow from the inside out.

A beautiful way to nurture and nourish your body.