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By Claire Robertson, Dec 17 2017 10:16PM

All of my sessions across Bristol for the final week are candlelit practises. How do they differ from a normal session? Well, something's are similar :-) The warmth, the heated blanket relaxation and the connection to our breath to name a few, but the candlelit practise is designed to bring in the nourishment needed specifically at this time of year. For those of you practising regularly, its a sacred, gentle way to end the term, among the flickering light, gentle music and our final offerings of the year. For all, it is a wise way to complete before the holiday to ensure you, your body and your heart can welcome the holiday with an energy to enjoy the well earned rest.

So all sessions include -

A gentle warm up and connection

A Hatha flow designed to support (challenge if desired)

A restorative completion to take into the holiday as your practise

A warm blanket relaxation to nourish the bones

a Candle gazing meditation to cleanse the heart

Personal note

I hope to see you in a final session before the end of the year. I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you for connecting in with me in 2017. I hope you have a stunning Christmas and I wish you lots of love for 2018!!



By Claire Robertson, Oct 13 2017 06:35PM

Congratulations to Wendi at the Bank of Ireland Yoga/pilates class as she goes off on maternity leave to welcome twins (Girl and a boy) into the world!! I hope you love your mini baby hamper and card Wendi. Have a beautiful time off and thank you for being such a beautiful presense in the classxx

Congratulations and happy 50th birthday to Rachel from the St Micheals Archangel Yoga/pilates class!!!

Holding your cake out the way of the rest of us didn't really work so thank you for sharing!! Have a beautiful birthday hun, you deserve the best xx

By Claire Robertson, Jul 27 2017 10:40AM

Trust the change in weather :-)

We will meet -

Conham River Car park, Hanham. BS15. And walk up to our practise spot. Depending on the sun ww will either practise next to the fire under the trees or out in the woodland sun.

Time -

Meet in the car park at 5am with practise beginning at 5.30am (dawn breaks).

After -

We will drink tea by the fire before heading out into the day. Estimated time finish 8am

Cost - £10 for the session, movegb welcome. Pay on the day, no booking needed.

Check out a taster on utube -


You can contact me on 07397385015 or clearfitness@live.com if you have any questions.

Look forward to see you on the morning!

Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Jul 24 2017 09:32PM

For the really beautiful. An early morning heat session at dawn. You will practise to the rise of the sun and the sound of the dawn chorus while immersed in the stunning luminous riverside forest. Deeply nourished we will complete our session with an open fire, tea and all before 9am!!

Session costs - £10

Hanham River park (meet to walk to secluded spot)

Hanham, Bristol, BS15

30th July – Sunday 5am meet to begin 5.30am (dawn break)

For further details please contact Claire on 07397385015 Clearfitness@live.com


By Claire Robertson, Jul 24 2017 08:36PM

An extremely important part of your yoga practise is to understand and get to know your spine. If you've come to this practise to heal your body, try not to see this exercise as a chore. Remember, when you get to know and understand your body intimately, your not only training/working with your self from unhealthy to health, but your also training yourself for joy. There's nothing more stunning than feeling great. The vibrancy that comes from a healthy body is amazing. To feel open, free, grounded, but energised, really at peace with the way you move can have a powerful effect on your world. Its an honest connection that enhances with each practise. Three aspects that need to be highlighted before you begin -

1) Be mindful of the “I'm ok” effect and only focusing on your body and giving it attention when it feels bad. Ignoring your body when it feels good only to go around like a bear with a sore head when it collapses actually isn't giving your body much positive awareness to go on. How can your body recognise health if its not acknowledged? To stay in health, pay attention to health.

2) “The nothing works” effect. If your body goes when you've been practising don't despair. Do be honest, but don't give up, be gentle. An old injury may have been highlighted or you may be working with years of build up that need love, attention and kindness. Focus on the spaces between a flare up and see if you can widen them.

3) Make highlighting your health a priority. Glass half full. Its extremely important to keep highlighting the parts of you that feel healthy so your nerve pathways, you, your body know what you want. You're training yourself to feel good, to feel a finger stretching vibrancy that makes you feel happy to be alive. Strong, beautiful, able to create and maintain a genuine, decent relationship with yourself.

It starts here.

Get to know your spine

1) Your spine nourishes your whole being, I want you to research how your spine works. Google, look at, collect as much information/pictures/understanding that you can. See it. How can you imagine it in your body. This is vital research for health and deepening your yoga practise.

2) Research exactly how it moves and works.

3) How does it move in relation to your shoulders and your hips.

4) Make sure your clear enough to be able to answer questions.

Don't skip this part. Remember your training yourself to feel and recognise joy/health and the differences in your body. You don't have to be a teacher to know this, but you do want a solid foundation so you can enjoy your body. Its worth the effort.