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By Claire Robertson, Jan 15 2020 11:16AM

“Choose movement, moments and supports that lift your spirit this year”

2020 is the time to start to cultivate a genuine deep trust for yourself, your process and your ability to look after yourself to the highest regard. This year is the time to apply all you’ve learnt to ensure you give yourself the chances you need, so as we learn that we cannot and should not try to control others, we can train ourselves into an honourable space in terms of our practise. If in doubt practise, if in need, practise. The nourishment, the connection, all begins with our practise. 2020 is the year to practise love for yourself and the world.

For those with an already established practise and you are working on a particular aspect, remember an important part is to integrate it back into the whole to complete your session. Practise bringing your awareness to your whole being as you breathe so you can integrate your experience/work.

If you would like a specific practise to work with, try this gentle Pratayahara preparation practise and bring your focus to your senses; start to notice what you are focusing on as you move. Maybe begin with noticing what you can feel as you move. Are you aware of the feel of your own body? Maybe spend a session observing the feel of your spine when you move or the beautiful movement of your rib cage as you breathe. Training your mind to pay attention to the feel of being alive. Maybe you’d like to focus on what you can hear when you practise? Can you hear the sound of yourself when you move? What external noises can you hear? Do you focus on the sound of the birds or the sounds of others in the room? Whichever sense you choose to work with, remember to bring your awareness back to your whole being to complete your session.

One of the biggest questions that arose in 2019 was whether our practise was effective. One of our main opportunities of 2020 is to take ownership of our personal growth/time and start to trust our ability to develop as we take notice of Indications of a successful practise. Although these can be varied, it is important you are able to decide what works best for you. However, 2020 gives us a genuine opportunity to live in harmony with each other while we grow. Healthy boundaries are important to ensure that we not only respect our own personal growth, abilities and potential, but that we genuinely respect that in others. Therefore an indication of being at peace with each other is a signal that our personal practise is in a healthy space. The ability to see the beauty in others, without diminishing you or them to survive begins with giving yourself the time you need to feel well. Cultivate trust in yourself by practising. If you have been genuinely loving towards yourself you will find it feels amazing when you connect with others.

So look after yourself and be honourable in your dealings with others in 2020. There is a real opportunity for you this year, an opportunity to develop into a new space that you can maintain for years to come. Re open your heart to your practise and ensure you give yourself the best.

Happy New Year!

Love Claire Xx

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