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By Claire Robertson, May 20 2019 04:28PM

This summer/autumn I will be offering a 3 hour DanceYoga workshop, a beautiful 3 hour outdoor workshop and several dawn chorus practises to make the most of the beautiful summer. Date preferences can be received between May and the first two weeks of June before they are set, so please email any time preference to Clearfitness@live.com

Claire Xx





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By Claire Robertson, Apr 23 2019 02:45PM

Happy Easter and welcome to the sun! its so deeply beautiful to see nature reappearing and the beauty that it brings. A call for us to find time to practise outdoors and nourish deeply from the air. A time for all of us to refocus on what we would like to cultivate in our life, our heart, to move with our spirit. I've just returned from London at a time where so much of our enviroment needs our support and our genuine awareness. An honesty in our connection. it has renewed my intentions, so along side my activist work I will be arranging litter picks, wildlife focus and endevouring to ensure I honour my commitment to the planet. As my practise changes to outdoors, my movement choices alter to incorporate folds and twists to invigorate, with stunning backbends into the sunlight to inhale deeply the energy for my spirit. My new dance class on friday evenings from 7pm @ Bristol Yoga centre/Park Row, enters the spring term with movement that lifts and cultivates both the delicate parts of movement, the balances, the holds, while challenging us to learn sequences and the intricate nature within the quality of movement. All my classes run through out easter and into the summer, come and practise. Spend time feeling the breeze on your skin, the sound of bird song and bring your practise back to your gentle soul.

Below is our mini Easter spread (vegan chocolate) for St Micheal class. Thank you so much to Angela Bryant for the beautiful Easter flowers.

Shine well, be lovely to see you in session,

Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Dec 28 2018 02:39PM

Its 2019, have you decided what you would like to do yet? or are you scrolling through page after page looking for ready made parables that almost fit how you would like to progress?

just take one minute now, in your own words, from that gentle place within you, to write out what you would love. Something ethical. Something that lights a part of you whether you percieve a win or a fail at your aims. Something that excites you to life. Now look for some where you can grow these. It doesn't have to be perfect because this year you want a way through that never gives up. A place that continually finds a way to support and grow what you love.

Be lovely to see you in session,

lots of love,

Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Sep 16 2018 08:37PM


As the leaves change and the weather draws in, our autumn term begins with a focus on storing up a deep resource for ourselves in movement. Each session held in warmth and quiet so you can connect and cradle what you would like to grow.

For this year we will focus on beech for its deep, rich and strong ability to protect its seed to ensure a successful, healthy future. In line with true Ahimsa, we will bring this awareness into our present movement, not from a perspective of it being better or worse than another, for this would surely bring pain/karma, but so we can nurture a genuinely healthy root from which we can grow. One of the aspects which is unique to all of my classes is each group has a developed ability to let go with acceptance. This does not mean giving up, but rather the ability to focus on a quiet but strong aspect of ourselves which we can developto genuinely nurture our hearts. Work which will sustain us well into the next summer. Practise that remembers our strengths, our subtleties, our individual beauty. When we use beech in our practise we remember our ability to choose what we grow. Fanned with love, it gives us the ability to remember we can hold something close to our heart without fear.

Please see the timetable for sessions and be lovely to see you for movement, breath work and relaxations that liven and comforts our body/spirit.

Love, Claire x

By Claire Robertson, Dec 31 2017 12:28AM

I hope you have a stunning 2018. I want to wish you all the love you need to not only make your year beautiful, but so you feel good about your world. Please check out my timetable for classes near to you. Come and join in. Its gentle, with beautiful challenges so you can enjoy learning to love yourself in movement. I'll also being doing two dawn practises and one out door session this year. There stunning ways to incorporate a real boost into your practise while convenient enough to fit easily into your routine.

New year heart challenges

Following on from last year we will be doing a summer steps challenge. Hand in your weekly step count and the three highest will win a gift.

7/7 challenge - set a resolution and report back how many times out of 7 (1/7 to 7/7) in class. Its good to work with others and please set something soft, something for your heart space this year.

Daily practise - find a way. Find a movement you love.

I so look forward to seeing you in session.

Lots of love

Claire Xx