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By Claire Robertson, Feb 5 2020 10:12AM

Sunday, March 8, 2020

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

This workshop with Claire Robertson provides a safe, honourable and structured space to learn delicate and beautiful dance sequences, deeply nourishing Yoga techniques and the emotional/psychological skills to honour your highest regard in your daily environment.

Join us this spring for a beautiful and effective reset workshop to connect with your highest regard in movement. Within your session you will receive a skills set you can use to connect wisely with both yourself and the world.

Using Yoga and Dance movement, you will learn tools that heighten your cognitive ability, movement patterns you can apply to create space and breathing practices to enhance your natural progress for the summer.

Part of our journey is to develop trust in our own ability to learn and develop. Take part in this delicately crafted session so you can channel your energy and time into practices that nourish you at core.

Time: 10:00am -1:00pm

Price: £25 or £20 concessions. This workshop is available on MoveGB.

Teacher: Claire Robertson

By Claire Robertson, Jan 21 2020 10:03AM

This week’s meditation focus brings awareness to your ribcage. One of the most beautiful parts of our being for housing and protecting our heart and cradling our lungs while supporting us to breathe. The reason why I chose the ribcage rather than just the diaphragm, is so we could also experience the connection of both the intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs) and the serratus anterior, fanning the sides of the ribs (our wings), while gaining experience of how our diaphragm feels when we breathe. Below you will find a practise for each day of this week with one day off, but please do contact me if you need any further details or have any questions. I look forward to seeing you in session!

Day one – (5mins-30mins) Natural breath. Bring your awareness to the sensations of your body around the base of your ribcage where the diaphragm connects into your ribs and your spine. Notice how it feels for you at the front, the sides and the back linking into your vertebrae. You don’t need to change anything. Our body goes through many changes, from tight, to relaxed, open and closed. Just enjoy taking the time to nourish your body by focusing on yourself as you breathe. The body loves gentle attention, let yourself nestle down into the thought that you will be building a relationship resource with your body with this practise.

If you like you can bring your awareness to three distinct areas. The front of your ribcage, an area that’s useful to observe our fight, flight, freeze or excitement triggers. The sides of your ribcage, which will begin to give you the awareness of the lateral ability of the ribs when they move. An important awareness which will pay off tenfold when practising complex pranayama exercises, and finally, the back of the ribcage linking into the spine. The area where your diaphragm, ribs, spine, and psoas (main walking muscles) connect. One of the most deeply stunning parts of your body, for the diaphragm not only connects here but like a tree, goes both up and down your spine, linking and connecting to your whole body as your breathe. A connection, like your best friend, when cultivated and practiced, gives a deep warmth of support.

Day Two – (5mins-30mins) Natural breath awareness. The side of your ribs in-depth. Today you will let your awareness focus on the sides of your ribcage from your armpits to your waist. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, imagine that you open down and out (like the handles on the side of a bucket). However, don’t feel like you have to impose any restrictions, just enjoy observing how it feels for you can give you the valuable nourishment and support that you need. This will get you in touch with the feel of the wings of your body, the side muscles such as the serratus anterior and intercostal muscles to just name a few.

Day Three – (5mins-30mins) Clavicle awareness. With a natural breath, bring your awareness to the sensation of your breathing at the base of your neck and across the top of your chest. Again, it can help to imagine that they go out to the sides, rather than rise, but keep your focus very light here. Just watch the movement of your body and at any time during today’s practise you can let your focus go down lower on the ribs if needed. I just want you to get a sense of how it feels for you there.

Day Four – Relaxed focus Practise one (5mins – 30mins) with a gentle awareness of the movement of your ribcage as a whole, practise the following breathing meditation. Natural inhale, slowed exhale. The difference in this practise is when we consciously slow our exhale we actually recruit a few more muscles to control the descent, so do reserve some time towards the end of your practise to let go of controlling the breath and just return to observing.

Day five – Relaxed focus Practise Two (5mins -30mins) with a gentle awareness of the movement of your rib cage as a whole, practise the following breathing meditation. Natural exhale, slowed inhale. Being gentle with your body and without straining, allow the muscles to relax as your breathe in.

With this practise it helps to focus on the movement at the sides and the base of the ribcage, rather than the clavicles, but you can enjoy how it feels in all parts of your body here. If there’s any sense of over breathing, return to watching the breath until your body returns to feeling comfortable. Aim to be gentler when you start the practise again. It helps to think that the object of the exercise isn’t to lengthen the breath, but to nourish the body.

Day Six - Wave practise one (5mins – 30mins) Natural breath. With a gentle focus (you don’t have to fill up with air completely here) notice your breath as you inhale going from the base of your ribs, then the centre, then the top. Then watch the reverse, top, centre and base. Be really gentle. It is a beautiful practise that will not only improve your breathing muscles, but your capacity to breathe if it is done very gently. Do not over power yourself or your natural ability to breathe, as your natural capability is already a really good resource of support for you. If it feels like you are being missed, return to the previous exercises so you can acknowledge your natural abilities.

Well done for completing your ribcage focus this week! If you do have any questions please, please ask.

I hope you get a chance to feel the sun while practising,

Love Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Jan 15 2020 11:16AM

“Choose movement, moments and supports that lift your spirit this year”

2020 is the time to start to cultivate a genuine deep trust for yourself, your process and your ability to look after yourself to the highest regard. This year is the time to apply all you’ve learnt to ensure you give yourself the chances you need, so as we learn that we cannot and should not try to control others, we can train ourselves into an honourable space in terms of our practise. If in doubt practise, if in need, practise. The nourishment, the connection, all begins with our practise. 2020 is the year to practise love for yourself and the world.

For those with an already established practise and you are working on a particular aspect, remember an important part is to integrate it back into the whole to complete your session. Practise bringing your awareness to your whole being as you breathe so you can integrate your experience/work.

If you would like a specific practise to work with, try this gentle Pratayahara preparation practise and bring your focus to your senses; start to notice what you are focusing on as you move. Maybe begin with noticing what you can feel as you move. Are you aware of the feel of your own body? Maybe spend a session observing the feel of your spine when you move or the beautiful movement of your rib cage as you breathe. Training your mind to pay attention to the feel of being alive. Maybe you’d like to focus on what you can hear when you practise? Can you hear the sound of yourself when you move? What external noises can you hear? Do you focus on the sound of the birds or the sounds of others in the room? Whichever sense you choose to work with, remember to bring your awareness back to your whole being to complete your session.

One of the biggest questions that arose in 2019 was whether our practise was effective. One of our main opportunities of 2020 is to take ownership of our personal growth/time and start to trust our ability to develop as we take notice of Indications of a successful practise. Although these can be varied, it is important you are able to decide what works best for you. However, 2020 gives us a genuine opportunity to live in harmony with each other while we grow. Healthy boundaries are important to ensure that we not only respect our own personal growth, abilities and potential, but that we genuinely respect that in others. Therefore an indication of being at peace with each other is a signal that our personal practise is in a healthy space. The ability to see the beauty in others, without diminishing you or them to survive begins with giving yourself the time you need to feel well. Cultivate trust in yourself by practising. If you have been genuinely loving towards yourself you will find it feels amazing when you connect with others.

So look after yourself and be honourable in your dealings with others in 2020. There is a real opportunity for you this year, an opportunity to develop into a new space that you can maintain for years to come. Re open your heart to your practise and ensure you give yourself the best.

Happy New Year!

Love Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Oct 14 2019 10:18AM

We have some beautiful classes this Autmn/winter. Heated studios for deep warmth while you practise, plenty of blankets and movement/relaxations that feed you, in a healthy way, so you can really lift your heart.


********** St George Community centre**********

Yoga/Pilates Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm

Fully heated and with plenty of blankets, so you get the best from your session.

********Bristol Yoga Centre, 10 Park Row***************

(both classes available on the free trial week at the centre, please contact for further details)

Pregnancy Yoga Mondays 5pm-6.15pm

New class beginning 28th October, a safe, warm enviroment where you can cradle both you and your little one to be. A place to remember your ability.

Yoga/Contemporary Dance Combination

Warming, deep sequences to really lift your energy and spirit for the winter.

Please check out the timetable for any other sessions, be lovely to see you in class xx

By Claire Robertson, Jul 22 2019 08:10PM




Join an early morning hidden Yoga practise, beginning at 5am and completing by 9.30am, the sessions create the space you need to support your personal journey and development.

We all need to remember our ability to empower our own change and development. Just by attending an early morning practise you create a difference that can resonate positively in your environment. To feel clearer. Able to breathe and back on track with a renewed focus. You have to focus in the sessions, but it's that concerntration that allows your mind to clear and assimilate what you need so your gain the wisdom to apply back into your life. Its very personal to you, as it is for all who attend, however it works.

Be lovely to see you there!

Claire Xx

Please message/call 07397 385015 for further details

By Claire Robertson, Jul 5 2019 01:41PM


7TH JULY 2019

10AM -2PM




This is a beautifully immersive workshop surrounded by a sunlit forest, convenient, but hidden. You can absorb deeply from the fresh air and space created to develop your practise with a gentle, but powerfully supportive session. Expect to feel lighter, leaner and with a sense of clarity created by new opportunities that a sustained practise brings.

The workshop includes -

An open fire

Light refreshments/snacks

Emotional/psychological tools

summer practise

To book call or message Claire on 07397 385015 or email [email protected]

By Claire Robertson, May 20 2019 04:28PM

This summer/autumn I will be offering a 3 hour DanceYoga workshop, a beautiful 3 hour outdoor workshop and several dawn chorus practises to make the most of the beautiful summer. Date preferences can be received between May and the first two weeks of June before they are set, so please email any time preference to [email protected]

Claire Xx





10AM - 2PM

By Claire Robertson, Apr 23 2019 02:45PM

Happy Easter and welcome to the sun! its so deeply beautiful to see nature reappearing and the beauty that it brings. A call for us to find time to practise outdoors and nourish deeply from the air. A time for all of us to refocus on what we would like to cultivate in our life, our heart, to move with our spirit. I've just returned from London at a time where so much of our enviroment needs our support and our genuine awareness. An honesty in our connection. it has renewed my intentions, so along side my activist work I will be arranging litter picks, wildlife focus and endevouring to ensure I honour my commitment to the planet. As my practise changes to outdoors, my movement choices alter to incorporate folds and twists to invigorate, with stunning backbends into the sunlight to inhale deeply the energy for my spirit. My new dance class on friday evenings from 7pm @ Bristol Yoga centre/Park Row, enters the spring term with movement that lifts and cultivates both the delicate parts of movement, the balances, the holds, while challenging us to learn sequences and the intricate nature within the quality of movement. All my classes run through out easter and into the summer, come and practise. Spend time feeling the breeze on your skin, the sound of bird song and bring your practise back to your gentle soul.

Below is our mini Easter spread (vegan chocolate) for St Micheal class. Thank you so much to Angela Bryant for the beautiful Easter flowers.

Shine well, be lovely to see you in session,

Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Dec 28 2018 02:39PM

Its 2019, have you decided what you would like to do yet? or are you scrolling through page after page looking for ready made parables that almost fit how you would like to progress?

just take one minute now, in your own words, from that gentle place within you, to write out what you would love. Something ethical. Something that lights a part of you whether you percieve a win or a fail at your aims. Something that excites you to life. Now look for some where you can grow these. It doesn't have to be perfect because this year you want a way through that never gives up. A place that continually finds a way to support and grow what you love.

Be lovely to see you in session,

lots of love,

Claire Xx

By Claire Robertson, Sep 16 2018 08:37PM


As the leaves change and the weather draws in, our autumn term begins with a focus on storing up a deep resource for ourselves in movement. Each session held in warmth and quiet so you can connect and cradle what you would like to grow.

For this year we will focus on beech for its deep, rich and strong ability to protect its seed to ensure a successful, healthy future. In line with true Ahimsa, we will bring this awareness into our present movement, not from a perspective of it being better or worse than another, for this would surely bring pain/karma, but so we can nurture a genuinely healthy root from which we can grow. One of the aspects which is unique to all of my classes is each group has a developed ability to let go with acceptance. This does not mean giving up, but rather the ability to focus on a quiet but strong aspect of ourselves which we can developto genuinely nurture our hearts. Work which will sustain us well into the next summer. Practise that remembers our strengths, our subtleties, our individual beauty. When we use beech in our practise we remember our ability to choose what we grow. Fanned with love, it gives us the ability to remember we can hold something close to our heart without fear.

Please see the timetable for sessions and be lovely to see you for movement, breath work and relaxations that liven and comforts our body/spirit.

Love, Claire x